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Abby Lighting & Switchgear Ltd.


Abby Lighting & Switchgear Ltd.

Spot & Accent (Beta Trimless 1-way 17w)


A Quality Product from
Abby Lighting & Switchgear Ltd. [View Profile]
Mumbai - India

Description :
Manufacturers and Suppliers of Spot & Accent (Beta Trimless 1-way 17w).

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Abby Lighting & Switchgear Ltd.

Manufacturers And Suppliers Of Lighting Fixtures. PRODUCTS : -Luminaires -Avante -Industrial lighting solutions -LX Range -T5- Range -Optiglo -ParaGlo -SoftGlo. Luminaires : AstraGlo range of luminaires is characterized by the versatility to adapt different louvers for different lighting scenes Dark Light Strip louvers, Clear Strip Louvers, Plastic parabolic louvers and metal louvers lend themselves to this range to create functional and aesthetic lighting solutions. Avante : There is no more dramatic, efficient, or flexible way to provide light than with recessed down lighting. It is an ideal choice for general lighting, highlighting artwork and precious objects, brightening walls and providing proper light for a varity of tasks. Downlights are designed to complement any decor and can be effectively combined with decorative lighting. Industrial lighting solutions : Industrial lighting solutions from Abby focus on suggesting and supplying robust dependable and energy efficient fixtures to perform continuously in the most demanding environments. Fluorescents and HID lamp sources are used in open or enclosed versions as required in multiple lamp and reflector options as the situation demands. LX Range : LX Range is a range of Flat Light solutions easily installed where recess depth in the ceiling is shallow Range of attachments provides different beam pattern ? narrow to wide spread. Optiglo : A range of recessed and surface luminaires with various optic attachment for different application areas. ParaGlo : ParaGlo was created ? using plastic metallized louvers ? to provide appropriate lighting levels for large open office areas where VDT?s are used. Designed for precise light control, plastic metallized parabolic louvers have become a mainstay in today?s computerized world. SoftGlo : SoftGlo is a premium example of our commitment to E3 design philosophy .It integrates the art of formed and perforated metal. Perforated metal is the milestone for some of today?s? most innovative lighting designs.

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