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Surge arresters SurgeController V 20-C, V20-C / ...+NPE


A Quality Product from
Pune - India

Description :
Operation and fields of application
SurgeControllers V 20-C are surge arresters of requirement class C to DIN VDE 0675, Part 6 [Draft 02.89] A1, A2. These devices protect low - voltage consumer installations from coltage surges of all kinds. They are available in single - pole to four-pole versions.
Type V 20 - C / 3+NPE[ requirement class C] is a special surge arrester for TN - C- S, TN - S, TT and IT systems. This device was developed for the new requirements of DIN VDE 0100. Part 534 / A1, to allow simple, safe installation of the devices.
The voltage - dependent active part of the V 20 - C is a high - performance zinc oxide varistor with a highly non - linear characteristic. Among the advantages of this component are an extremely short response time, a low protection level and a high current diversion capacity combined with long life. A further feature of these devices is that no follow - up current can be registered after the surge has decayed.
If the surge arrester is damaged by overloading, the integral isolating device breaks the connection to the mains. This is signalled by a red fault indicator.
The V 20 - C can easily be installed in distribution box or switchgear cabinet by snap - fitting to any commercial 35 mm top - hap rail. The poles of multi - pole arresters are connected together by an earthing bridge at the factory, so that there is only one earth [PE] connection to make on site. The NPE arrester element type C 25-B+C / NPE and the matching base are designed so that they cannot be plugged in the wrong way round [ Coding]. This ensures correct installation of the upper parts of the arresters.

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1.Internal Protection:

  • Lightning Surge, Class ''B'' Arresters
  • Switching Surge, Class ''C'' Arrester
  • Lightning & Switching Surge, Class ''B + C'' Arresters
  • Switching Surge, Class ''D'' Arrester. For Basic Power line, communication line, Data line & Controle line
    2. External Protection [ Natural / Direct Lightning Protection]
    3.Industrial Dynamic Balancing Machines
    4. Wheel Balancing Weights
  • Clip Weights for Steel Wheels
  • Clip Weight for Alloy / Mag Wheels
  • Stick Weight for Alloy / Mag Wheels
  • Clip Weights for L.C.V. Wheels
    5.Wheel Alignment Shims
  • Ambassador
  • Fiat / 118NE
  • Sumo
    6. Tubeless Tyre Repair Kit
  • Tubeless Tyre Repaire Kit
  • Tubeless Tyre Repaire Seals, Mashrum Patches
  • Tubeless Tyre Valves
  • Tubeless Tyre Valve Pullers
    7. Wheel Weight Plier
    8. Wheel Alignment Machines
  • 2 - Wheel Alignment
  • 4 - Wheel Alignment
    9. Wheel Balancing Machines
  • Accurate - D
    10. Automatic Tyre Changing Machines
    11. Automatic Rim Straightning Machines
    12. Air Inflator [ Digital Computerised ]
  • Wall Mounted, Smart Air - 076
  • Floor Mounted, Smart Air - 078
    13. Exhaust Gas Analyzers
  • Gas Analyzer [ Petrol PUC ] - 2 - Gas & 5 - Gas
  • Smoke Meter [ Diesel ] - AVL 437C
    14. Key Duplicating Machines
    15. Junction Boxes & Enclosers for Industries
    16. Spares / Services / AMCS
    17. Other Car & Garage accessories & tools.

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