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SCOPE T&M Pvt. Ltd.

Pune, Maharashtra, India

Power Products - Manufacturer,
Pvt. Ltd. Firm Since 1988

SCOPE T&M Pvt Ltd is dedicated to the Innovative use of electronics for test and measuring applications since 1988.
SCOPE is a pioneer in developing portable measuring instruments for the power sector in India and specialises in offering measuring solutions for users as well as manufacturers of equipment for generation, transmission and distribution of power.
Our approach of seeking synergetic solutions to our customer's needs has enriched the quality of our ultimate goal - customer satisfaction. In fact, we owe our growth to the confidence with which our customers approach us for solutions.
To ensure the highest quality of products and services, SCOPE has a well-equipped design lab, calibration setup, modern manufacturing facilities, an interactive sales force and a dedicated field support team.
Our Sales network guarantees quick response to the needs of OEMs, Power Utilities and Industrial customers.
Frequent training programs are organised to help users fully utilise the capabilities of the instruments supplied by us.
We present a brief introduction of our products and capabilities here and hope that you will make challenging demands on us. We offer simple solutions for difficult measurements.

Products :
We are manufacturers of Circuit Breaker Analysers, Generation & Distribution Transformers, Contact Resistance Measurement, Automated Test Equipment and Industrial Products etc. Our range of products covers instruments for testing Circuit breakers, Transformers, Isolators, and other products used by the power industry. * CIRCUIT BREAKER ANALYSERS : HISAC 2406 Operational Analyser HISAC MB Portable Memory Bank CPLOT 6.0 Graphical Analysis Software DCRM Dynamic Contact Resistance Meter TRANSDUCERS Travel Transducers and Fixtures SCOT Series of Circuit Breaker Time Interval Meters SCOT M-UT Series Universal Time Interval Meters for varied applications * GENERATION & DISTRIBUTION TRANSFORMERS : TRM 10x Series Winding Resistance Meters TRM 25 Series Winding Resistance Meters with Heat Run Test * CONTACT RESISTANCE MEASUREMENT : CRM 100 Series Contact Resistance Meters 100A DC test current CRM 200 Series Contact Resistance Meters 200A DC test current CRM 100C with continuous test currents from 10 to 100A DC * AUTOMATED TEST EQUIPMENT : AutoScan Series Fully Automated Test Systems for HV/ EHV Circuit Breakers, On-Load Tap Changers, Magnetic Actuators etc. Sfi (SCOPE's Flexible Instrumentation) based Automated Test Applications for electro-mechanical switching devices. AC/DC Power Supplies - Programmable through Sfi Automation. 100A DC Current Source - Supplies constant current of 100A DC 2 kV High Voltage Source -Tests the insulation resistance of the secondary or control circuit wiring of circuit breakers. * OTHER INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS : SCOT M-UT Series Universal Time Interval Meters for varied applications. AC/DC Power Supplies - Programmable through Sfi Automation. 100A DC Current Source - Supplies constant current of 100A DC 2 kV High Voltage Source -Tests the insulation resistance of the secondary or control circuit wiring of circuit breakers. * PROFESSIONAL ALUMINIUM CASES : Industrial grade Aluminium Cases for electronic, medical, service kits and instruments.

Product Catalog

HISAC 2406 Circuit Breaker Operational Analyser
-Simple to set up and use -Auxiliary Contact timings -Contact timings, bounce, simultaneity -Travel Characteristics -Trip and Close coil currents -Automatic cal....

HISAC MB 3.0 Portable Memory Bank
-Stores data from SCOPE's portable instruments through RS 232 C link for transportation to PC and further storage on Hard Disk or floppy disk -Downloaded data analysed ....

Typical DCRM Plot
Dynamic Contact Resistance Signature can be viewed graphically through the CPLOT Software. The software has a special facility to analyse DCRM results. Cursors locked o....

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Contact Info

Mr. Deepak Patil

SCOPE T&M Pvt. Ltd.

EL 31/11, 'J' BLOCK,
MIDC Bhosari
Pune - 411026 (Maharashtra) India

Phone(s) : +91-20-7123007 / 7128010
Mobile :
Fax : +91-20-7123094

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