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Power Products Catalog (Microcontroller Based Digital Inverter)       


Ecopower is brought to you by Microtek a Rs. 400 crore company that manufactures computer pheripherals. The TPZi wave form and pulse charger-based Ecopower inverters are technologicallly superior to the other brands currently available in the market
Tehnical Specifications
Capacity        	    :  650VA  - 1250VA
Input AC Range  	    :  10.5V-14.2V - 21V-28.4V

  • All circuits Digitally Controlled.
  • Auto Load Management.
  • Minimum wear and tear parts like relay.
  • Wide input voltage from 135 to 290 VAC.
  • Automatic fastest change over.
  • Sound Proof Working.
  • Automatic Battery Charging.
  • Thyrister Controlled CCCV Charger.
  • Advance Mosfet Based PWM Technology.
  • Protections Against Surg....

  • The Electricity Running Cost is upto 70% Lower than Transistorised Models.
  • Available in a Range of Colours and front Panel Designs to Suit all Tastes.
  • Provide Stable Power Simultaneously to a Range of Appliances.
  • Has Indicators with Visual and Audio Buzzer Alarm for Battery Charging and Overloading.
  • Instant Switch Over at the Time of Power failure.

  • Does not Heat up Appliances Enabling them to Last much Longer.
  • Specially Designed Pulse Charger generates Constant Voltage/Wattage.
  • The Electricity running Cost is upto 70% Lower than transistorised Models.
  • Available in a range of Colours and Front Panel Designs to Suit all Tastes.
  • Provides Stable Power Simultaneously to a range of Appliances.
  • Has Indicators with Visua....




  • Domestic Application
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • Shops/ Show Rooms
  • Jewelry Shops
  • Beauty Parlours


  • Digital Inverter [Imphal]
    Manufacturers & Exporters of LED scrolling message board, digital inverter, UPS, microcontroller based product designing, LED Sign, Digital Inverter, Token Number Display DIGITAL WATER LEVEL CONTROLLER, Microcontroller Based Fire Alarm System, AQUA CONTROL, RTEK XT DIGITAL.....

    Electrolite Digital Inverter [Pune]
    Domestic (75VA-30VA) Lights and Fans Mixed Load Applications like Light, Fans, Tubes, Computers, Refrigerators etc. Sinewave (1000 VA-50 KVA) Lifts, Medical Equipments, Solar Applications etc. ....

    Digital Inverter [Agra]
    Manufacturers and Exporters of products are :- -Electric power stabilizers -Electric power inverters -Diesel generators -AC generators -Generating Sets -Single & double cylinder water, air & cooled -DX series alternator with transformer without pannel box. -Welding generators and alternators -High speed diesel engines -Slow speed diesel engines -UPS.....

    Digital Inverter [Ghaziabad]
    Input voltage: DC12V (10.5-15.3V), DC24V (21-30.5V), DC48V (40-60V), three standards Output voltage: AC220V?10V, Output frequency: 50?2Hz Overloading protection No loading current: <0.3A Power efficiency: full load>88% (1/2 load>90%) Operating temperature: 0oC-40oC.....

    Microcontroller/DSP Based [New Delhi]
    Terron Microsystems is your complete solution partner in embedded system design. With expertise on a wide range of controllers and DSP?s and diverse experience we are positioned to service you on end-to-end basis for design of smart control systems and microprocessor based devices. Choose from our stable of ready technologies for transfer of technology or give us your requirements to suit your ....

    Mini SMPS based CFL inverter Model HRMS-45 [HYDERABAD]
    Easy to carry Low budget economy Inverter for lighting of whole requirements. Plug and forget the dark when power goes off. 3 CFL bulbs or one tube light (electronic choke ) can be connected. Mobiles can be charged. Coin box terminals can be connected when power goes off. Can be used as emergency inverter/light. ....

    Inverter (Digital Inverter) [Jalgaon]
    Power inverter is a device that converts electrical power from DC form to AC form using electronic circuit. It’s typical application is to convert battery voltage into conventional household AC voltage allowing you to use electronic devices when an AC power is not available. This set of inverter produces sine wave at the output and gives number of advantages as well as features.....

    Power-Backup-Solutions (Power Inverter - Digital) [Mumbai]
    The energy efficient inverters are designed to meet international standards for quality and high performance. NUMERIC Digital HPH Series converts DC power to clean modified sine wave AC power that is ideal for residential and office appliances. Home UPS can power your home as well as your computer. Home UPS can provide power back-up to computer as well as home appliances during power cut. This....

    C-MARK NET6000D network digital amplifier [shenzhen]
    Introduction This amplifier features integrative of Network transmitting, DSP processing, and digital amplifier, low heat emitting, light weight, and high power output. Remote control and adjustment can be realized by connecting one CAT cable to PC; and Network signal receiving can be fulfilled through CobraNet Processing Panel. User-friendly LCD display, easy control, wonderful solutions....

    C-MARK GA 500 mini digital amplifier [shenzhen]
    Introduction C-MARK Series digital mini amplifier, powered by built-in integrative digital power amplifier, features high efficiency, best sound, safe protection, incredible compatibility of electromagnetism and open choices of 110VAC&220VAC power supply. Features 1. Plug & play, user-friendly, clear indication, easy manipulating for nonprofessionals. 2. The digital power amplifi....

    Solar Inverter [Amritsar]
    We Make Pure Sine wave Solar Inverters which are Silent and non poluting in nature. Inverter Range starts From 550 waat - 5KW For domestic and 10 KW for commercial use. It Has Overload Beep and digital meters.....


    Power Products Catalog (Microcontroller Based Digital Inverter)

    Saibao147 digital carrier [Nanning]
    Exposure System 1.47 mega, 12bit LCD, 2.the max print size is 12 x18 (30 x 45 cm) 3. Operating System: WINDOWS 2000 4. Operating Software: Personalized, User-Friendly, powerful functions for image editing, modification and cropping 5. Remote printing: Remote transferring via internet, printing automatically according to the order 6. Troubleshooting: Completely automatic troubleshooting and mo....

    China made digital carrier [Nanning]
    we provide the widest selection for china made digital carriers at the most favorable price to covert your analog machine to be digital lab. SaiBao147 digital carrier 147 type E-Filming131/147 Digital carrier 147 type Prism1320/1800 Digital carrier 80 type Dugao80/147 Digital carrier 80 type Fly image digital carrier. Please contact us if there is any demand, you will be amazed at our....

    Used digital carrier [Nanning]
    We offer used digital carriers for your analogue minilab machine, which saves the cost for printing digital photo: Such as Prism147 digital carrier, E-filming131 digital carrier, Dugao131 digital carrier Dugao80 digital carrier, in very good condition, for QSS1201/1202/1501/2301/2611/2600/2302/1912/1921;Fuji238/248/258/268/278/298;Konica808/828/838/848/858/868/878 Original used in good....

    Dips 80 digital carrier [Nanning]
    Special offer: USD2500 brand new Our Dugao 80 digital carrier now updates, it can print more than 500 sheets per hour for the 4*6 picture, which uses LED+LCD=LDD (Sony precision LCD panel, American high Luminance LED Advanced Micro-movement scheme) technology and EPSON LCD chips at 1024*768 resolution. Easiest Installation and operation. You can convert your analogue machine to be digital one in ....

    Dips 147 digital carrier [Nanning]
    *High speed: 400-11500piece/Hour *DPI: 147- 878 dpi *Max Size:15*20inch *LCD: EPSON 55G (1400x1050) *Light source High Luminosity LED (Made In USA) * Fresh & Vivid Color *Economic ---original lens of minilab is available without spending lots of money on new lens for enlargement. * Easy Instaliation,Transformation &Operation  *Required system windows2000  windowsXP *CPU Pentium4 ....

    Digital Elmendorf Tearing Tester TF-067 [Dongguan]
    Digital Elmendorf Tearing Tester. A microprocessor controlled falling-pendulum instrument to determine the ballistic tearing strength of textiles, plastics, paper or board. Cutting templates, cutting knife and board supplied for preparing samples.....

    Digital Bursting Strength Test Machine TNJ-038 [Dongguan]
    The bursting strength tester is used for products which are packaged by corrugated paper such as electronic instruments, electric ware, hardwares, bike, valise, food, shoe, furniture etc, to test the bursting-resistance strength of paper box; it can also test cloth and synthetic leather. ....

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