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  • Lightning / Surge arresters CombiController V 25-B+C, V 25-B+C / + NPE

    Lightning / Surge arresters CombiController V 25-B+C, V 25-B+C / + NPE

    Operation and fields of application
    Lightning and surge arrester V 25-B+C ensures lightning protection potential equalisation in accordance with VDE 0185, Part 1 and Part 100. The device is an arrester of requirement Class B+C to DIN VDE 0675. Part 6 [Draft 11.89] A1, A2. It ensures potential equalisation installations for buildings. The arrester can also be used in buildings that are supplied ....

  • Lightning barriers OBO VF and VF - FS

    Lightning barriers OBO VF and VF - FS

    Operation and fields of application
    Lightning barriers VF and VF - FS are used as precision protection devices in power supplies for computer installations, modems, ripple control installations, etc. to protect them from surges that may be caused by atmospheric discharges [ storms ] or switching operations.
    The built - in protection circuit, which is made up of gas discharge tubes and varist....

  • Advanced External Lightning Protection System

    Advanced External Lightning Protection System

    Early Streamer Emission Lightning Rods
    Early Streamer emitting air terminals are designed to emit a streamer early in the streamer-formation phase of a lightning strike, thereby becoming the preferred lightning attachment point.
    As the ground charge builds immediately before the lightning strike, the ESE air terminal accumulates ground charge. ln the instant before the strike, when the stepp....

  • lightning proteciton device

    lightning proteciton device

    Product Features The lightning protection system Tanmu-I can greatly reduce that the lightning hit the ground, also can decrease the induction lightning which come from wiressignal wire and antenna . The operating principle of the lightning protection system Tanmu is that induction charge in the lightning protection zone disperse into the air and constantly repeated neutralize the ladder dow....

  • Lightning Arrester

    Lightning Arrester

    Early Streamer Emission Lightning Arrester....

  • lightning tower

    lightning tower

    Jiangsu Tianli Steel Structure Co., Ltd is integrated manufacturer specialized in electric power line towers, substation structure, power plant-stand, lightning tower, communications towers and other steel structure products etc.. Our main products cover 35-500KV substation structures and frames, diameter steel pipe, polygonal steel pole and thin-walled centrifugal concrete filled steel tube struc....

  • Lightning Protectors

    Lightning Protectors

    The Lightning Protectors, we manufacture offer excellent protection and excellent RF performance to ensure the security of the whole system (antenna, cable connections and base station). These protectors also safeguard against over-voltage damage and effective lightning. The lightning protectors are perfect for frequency ranging from 800 to 2500MHz and are available in N and 7/16 DIN type interfac....

  • Lightning Diverter

    Lightning Diverter

    Manufacturers and Suppliers of Lightning Diverter. - Helps protect the Energizer from lightning. - Divert lightning from the fence to earth.....

  • Surge Arrestors/Surge Counters

    Surge Arrestors/Surge Counters

    The company deals with one of the best Surge arrestors in the world called "SORESTOR" which are manufactured by Meidenshah Corporation, Japan. 'Sorestor' are Metal Oxide type surge arrestors. We supply and export excellent Surge Arrestors/Surge Counters that are easy to operate and require minimum maintenance. They are made of robust material making them durable and long lasting. Our company distr....

  • Advance Lightning Protection System (Lightning Strike Recorder)

    Advance Lightning Protection System (Lightning Strike Recorder)

    Leveraging upon our technologically-advanced production facility, we are highly engaged in manufacturing and supplying Lightning Strike Recorder to our prestigious clients spread all across the country. It is designed to keep a record of all direct lightning strikes on the external lightning protection system. Beside this, offered Lightning Strike Recorder is manufactured under the strict vigilanc....

  • ESE Air Terminal (Lightning Arrester)

    ESE Air Terminal (Lightning Arrester)

    Being a lean, highly effective and fast-moving organization, we are highly engrossed in manufacturing and supplying a comprehensive array of Lightning Arrester. It is used in buildings/structures like Data Centers, Refineries, Industries, Bottling Plants, Chemical Plants, Chimney's, IT Buildings, Shopping Malls, BPO office buildings, etc. This arrester is efficiently manufactured by our adept pr....

  • Flame Arrestors

    Flame Arrestors

    Flame arrestors are safety equipments to prevent any flashback in tanks, pipelines of risk potential gas or vapours. CRA manufactures In-line and End of line flame arresters to prevent propagation of flames in gas or vapor mixtures. By locating the arrester in close proximity to the potential source of ignition, any flame or explosion is confined to the immediate area. We supplied flame arresto....

  • Dry-type Transformer  SC (B) series of Dry-type Transformers

    Dry-type Transformer SC (B) series of Dry-type Transformers

    Dry-type Transformer SC (B) series of Dry-type Transformers The characteristics of SC (B) series of dry-type transformers can fully satisfy the above requirements so they are fit for different engineering projects. 1. SC (B) 9 series: heat resistant grade is Grade F; no-load loss is 10% lower than that of national standard; the on-load loss is 10% lower than that of national standard; the no....

  • Railway Traction Equipment OCS components

    Railway Traction Equipment OCS components

    Railway Traction Equipment OCS components Product Introduction OCS is the core power supply equipment in power supply system of electrical railway traction. Its function is to supply power to the running electric locomotive incessantly. Different from the ordinary power transmission line, it must be fixed on the right top of the rail, and then locomotive can get power incessantly through the sl....

  • 25kV Composite Catenary Insulator

    25kV Composite Catenary Insulator

    1.The insulation layer is made of HTV silicone rubber through molding processing method. 2.The excellent and metal enclosure of core connects and adopts machinery to pigeonhole type technology. 3.The End fittingd is sealed via silicone ruuber through injection molding processing method. 4.The metal enclosure surface adopts the advanced hot zinc-plated craft to antirust antiseptically. 5.The st....



    SOLARCON [SA series]

  • Advanced microprocessor control
  • High reliability with all solid state
  • Slim design
  • Lightning surge protection
  • LED indication with LED bar graph for battery level
  • Low battery shutdown with alarm
  • Overcharge and overdischarge protection
  • 4 zones swicth outlet + TV switc....



    SOLARCON [SM Series]

  • Advanced microprocessor control
  • Higher reliability
  • All solid state [Shunt regulation controller]
  • Lightning surge protection
  • LED indication
  • Overcharge and overdischarge protection
  • Automatic ON -OFF
  • Quick and state smart charging 3-step [Bulk, Boost, Float charging]
  • Surge protection with greater coordination

    Surge protection with greater coordination

    OBO Coordinated - LightningControllers MCD 50 - B and MCD 125 - B / NPE
    When combined with surge arrsters connected in series immediately downstrearn, the new OBO lightning arresters MCD 50 - B and MCD 125 - B / NPE ensure a coordinated response without the need for additional decoupling elements. The fundamental advantages of the innovative multi - carbon technology of OBO LightningControllers....

  • Surge Protector

    Surge Protector

    Surge Protector (also known as Surge Protection Devices (SPD), Surge Suppression Equipment (SSE) or Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor (TVSS)) is a device that absorbs a part of surge such as lightning. Extreme high voltage and high current occurring in a short period of time may cause damages in electrical and electronic equipments particularly computers, instruments and controls and processors. ....

  • Smart - UPS

    Smart - UPS

    Load Display SmartTrim LED On-Line LED SmartBoost LED On/Test Button Off Button Overload LED Replace Battery LED Lightning and Surge Protection Shield hardware. SmartBoos Automatically corrects brownout conditions ....

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    Lightning Arrestors

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