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Description :
HPL SOCOMEC switch fuse Changeover is a manually operated 4 pole switch fuse with three stable position I-O-II with backup protective devices as HRC fuses mounted in RYB phases. The switch is provided with an isolating Neutral & offers protection in position I as well as in position II to load connected to comman outgoing circuit.

features :
-While breaking the circuit, guarantees sufficient air sectioning clearance.
-Protection against overcurrents & short circuit faults by fuses of high rupturing capacity 80 KA rms.
-Compact & standardised sizes for range 125A-630A. Ideal for switch board manufacturers.
-Strong endurance and resistance to heat (Tropicalised)
-3 stable positions (I-O-II) & possible switching from one to the other on load, thereby fulfiling the role of switching device with protection for two modes of supply-one from electricity board & other from standby Source-generator and providing back up protection.

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Manufacturers and Suppliers of switchgears. ....

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